The editor of the WWOLtzing forum writes . . .

This is a GREAT tool here! I am really impressed. When I wrote Lisa Cannon asking to look at her product, I thought I knew what to expect. I am here to say now, I was delighted to find such a surprise. She has literally taken an age old art (from another generation) and made it an easy, practical family activity! I have done book repair/binding classes for my local library for four years now, even training multiple library personnel. She is correct in sharing that this method, and her tools are much easier to use and will produce countless very quality products for only pennies each!

The BBB tool is made of nice, heavy quality materials. The BBB Video Workshop recording is good quality, as well. My children sat and watched it with me, and by the end we felt like friends had just visited. The little boys were actually laughing out loud.

During the video workshop, good examples of working with multiple children and incorporated and "fade-out pauses" are through out for you to know when to break to DO the activity. The diagrams in the instruction manual make the few "I wish they would zoom in" moments on the video perfectly clear and understandable.

Considering the way WWOL encourages collections and book making, this ranks right up there with my long arm stapler and my assortment of journals. I won't EVER have to buy a journal again. Even more, the journals I will make in the future will be able to be EXTRA personal, allowing me to follow God's leading so much more specifically!

This one is an A+. Hope you will all contact Lisa to get yours and then tell all your homeschool friends. You won't be disappointed. This product is worth every penny and a highly suggested supply at WWOLtzing with Jesus.

Other satisfied customers have written to say . . .

“We have completed all 22 books now, and I am pleased, beyond words, with the finished product! They are even better than spending a minimum of $227 on each one (to have them professionally published). And these will be more appreciated in the end! They look fantastic and are very durable. Hopefully, they will be passed on to future generations. Thank you for all your help.”

". . . Nothing makes my son work harder on his writing than when he knows it is going to be his book, because we keep our 'Beautifully Bound' books in the living room for all to see when they come to visit . . ."

One creative grandmother put together her own family tree and made 22 copies into books to give to her children and grandchildren

". . . For my grandmother's 90th birthday, I sent a few sheets of paper to all my cousins and relatives asking them to write a special memory about Grandma. The response was great. I then collected all the pages, and along with some pictures, we bound it into a beautiful book. We gave it to Grandma on her birthday, and she and my family were thrilled with 'our' special book."

" . . . I decided to bind my son's school work for the year into a portfolio type book. We had so much fun looking through it that now we plan to bind each year's school work into a book. Thank you . . ."

". . . I am a Sunday School teacher and for Christmas I wrote my own story and drew my own pictures for my students. I ran off 13 copies and bound them all into books. I gave each child his/her own book for a present. They were thrilled. Of course, as the author, I personally signed each one of them . . ."

"Thank you so much for introducing our family to a hands on approach to book making. We recently purchased the Binding Books Beautifully kit and are very impressed with the complete package. My children spent a week painting, drawing and writing works to compile in a gift book for their daddy on Father's Day. He loved it and will treasure having this example of their skills and thoughts of him at their current ages."

"Additionally, the material that you have included in the instruction manual will be the bulk of our creative writing curriculum this year as we explore various types of literature and attempt to imitate them. I'm really looking forward to reading what my children will produce this year and the best part is that because of the professional binding look, they are looking forward to it also!" -B.G.

". . . I couldn't find a calendar type organizer that would fit my needs and fit my purse. So I made one for myself. I bound it with the BBB tool. It works so well! I never have to look for an organizer again when I can make my own!"

I used my BBB tool to make a three-volume portfolio set of my son's school work from kindergarten through graduation. The first volume contains work from grade school, the second volume is middle school, and the third is high school work.

". . . My son bound his science project report into a book for the science fair. Needless to say, it was quite impressive! . . ."

". . . My daughter is an art student in college and she is going to bind her art work into a book for her final. She said she would then use that book to take with her for job interviews. . ."

“When we were building our house, I made a book for my son to keep a personal journal of the building process. I put a blank square frame at the top of each page for him to draw or paste in a picture. Then the rest of the page had blank lines for him to write about the daily progress. I ran off 20 plus copies and bound it into a book. Now that our house is finished, we love looking back at his completed journal of our new home!”

Our homeschool co-op used the BBB method to make books from our creative writing projects. The kids had a great time at their author signing party!
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